Way to Cope up With Economic Difficulty

After the recession most of the Americans are going through the economic trouble where the cost of the household products and everyday grocery rates are getting higher. This is the reason most of the people cannot buy most of the things because of their budget. In this difficult economic situation the only way to save money and get all necessary products in budget is the 99 cents Only Stores. 99 cents Only Stores was opened to provide the people with products at lower rate less than one dollar. 99 cents Only Stores is one of the popular discount variety stores that have helped lot of people to save money on their daily use products. If you want to save some money then it is a good idea to take the advantages of the 99 cents Only Stores. Eric Schifferis a business management expert and was the CEO and president of 99 cents Only Stores has implemented different strategies for the company’s success. His aim of building a successful career in retail was fulfilled after joining 99 cents Only Stores. David Gold came up with the idea to help the people in the bad economy and this is the reason he founded the 99 cents Only Stores in the year 1982. In 1991 Eric joined the company and achieved different managerial positions and finally he became the CEO in the year 1995 and then president in the year 2000.
Eric Schiffer (99 Cents Only Stores) – Different Branches
The 99 cents Only Stores was first opened in Southern California and gained lot of popularity and got immediate response within a short period of time. As Eric Schifferjoined the company 99 cents Only Stores began to expand their branches in other areas in United States. 99 cents Only Stores have their branches in Arizona, Texas and Nevada. If you are living in United States you can avail the advantages of shopping in 99 cents Only Stores. Since the year 2005 Eric has been enjoying the position of Assistant Corporate Secretary, Chairman of Executive Committee and Director of 99 cents Only Stores.
Eric Schiffer (99 Cents Only Stores) – Specialty
Eric Schiffer’s effort and excellent management skills have made 99 cents Only Stores to reach the top position in the retail industry. Eric is the well-known name in the retail industry of America. He completed his MBA from the Harvard Business School and then he got involved in different ventures and today he has become successful Eric Schiffer.



Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

recollection foam might appear like a emblem new merchandise to most persons, but in detail it has been obtainable commercially for more than forty years. From the early days until quite lately it was chiefly obtainable in the guise of mattresses, pillows, cushions and the sort of padding that you get on doctors’ couches and wheel seating. It was very costly, so it was not thought to be commercially viable for the mass market.

That has all altered over latest years as output charges dropped. Nowadays, nearly anyone can afford a mattress, mattress topper or cushion manufactured out of recollection foam.

Memory foam mattresses and mattress toppers help numerous people to rest snugly and doze well because recollection foam moulds itself to the shape of the body, thereby carrying the body on a greater surface locality than a benchmark mattress or cushion would.

Memory foam mattress toppers are a way of altering your existing ordinary mattress into a recollection foam mattress and they are lower than the full job too. They can help persons with awful backs or painful junctions, sufferers of arthritis and gout and persons who perspire a allotment. These toppers can help those who perspire a lot because recollection foam ‘breathes’ different customary foam.





Eric Schiffer- An Efficient Manager and Executive

In 1991 Eric Schifferbegan to serve 99-Cents Only Stores. He has helped the retail chain to thrive in the market. David Gold, who is the founder of this company, has said that he has been pleased with the improvements and expansion that has happened under the leadership of Schiffer. His success made him the president and the chief executive officer of the company. His effective strategies have helped 99-Cents Only Stores to expand into several states outside its base in California. The success of Eric Schiffer can be inspirational for those individuals who are planning to manage their. Running a business is not easy but with the type of skills and experience that Schiffer has you will surely be able to make your business profitable. His managerial talents and skills of leadership has made 99-Cents Only Stores one of the most popular retail chains in California as well as other parts of the county.
Experience and contribution
Eric Schiffer studied at the Duke University from where he obtained his bachelor degree in engineering. After that, he received a business management degree from the Harvard University. After graduating from Harvard he worked at as a venture capitalist for four years. He realized that 99-Cents Only Stores has lots of potential in the retail industry. The company provided a huge array of consumer goods at most affordable rates. After joining the company Eric Schiffer applied his extensive training and experience in its expansion. At present this retail chain has 285 stores with most of the in California. There are stores in Texas, Arizona and Nevada. 99-Cents Only Stores have become one of the leading names among the single price retailers in the United States. With Eric Schiffer in the helm of their activities, the company has plans to open more stores in other parts of the country.
The retail stores and products
Eric Schiffer is playing an excellent role as the chairman and business executive 99-Cents Only Stores. In a year the retail chain now sells goods of over a billion dollars. Food and drinks are the largest selling products of the company. Besides that, there are the cleaning products, beauty products and healthcare items. Most of their products are manufactured in the United States although some are imported from other countries. Eric Schiffer also makes it sure that the stores sell the best quality products which the consumers will definitely buy. Most customers also love the wonderful atmosphere of the retail outlets.